What is the content policy of Leading Courses?

Modified on Fri, 17 Feb 2023 at 11:57 AM

We highly value the content of our website and the submissions of our community. However, there is a prohibition against placing content on the Leading Courses website if, in the opinion of Leading Courses, its nature, content or impact is:

  1. content in the field of pornography;
  2. content containing discrimination, slander, defamation and/or any provocation, exchange of abuse or incitement to hatred;
  3. content that might be felt to be threatening;
  4. content that (disproportionately) infringes on the privacy and personal life of a natural person;
  5. content infringing any intellectual property right, including copyright, belonging to Leadingcourses or to third parties;
  6. content that can be assumed to be in any other way illegal;
  7. content for commercial purposes;
  8. content that might interfere with the proper performance of a computer or computer network;
  9. content that is not in the spirit of or is incompatible with the editorial policy of Leadingcourses and/or that might (disproportionately) harm the interests of Leadingcourses and/or its employees.

For reviews, we also have an Editorial Policy to ensure all reviews are genuine and insightful. We also aim to prevent fake reviews. So please obey our guidelines.

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